Potluck: Pit beef, apricots & other tasty links

Strawberry-apricot pie/Photo by Domenica Marchetti

Strawberry-apricot pie / Photo by Domenica Marchetti

Do the words ‘beef barbecue’ conjure images of long-tended fires and meltingly tender slices and chunks of brisket? Not in Baltimore, where pit beef, like Charm City itself, is a little…different.

In Nebraska, where grain-fed beef reigns, Prescott Frost, a great-grandson of poet Robert Frost, is on an uncommon quest to breed a better grass-fed cow.

Here at AFR, we are all about roots, which is why we loved this post about one couple’s decision to return to their northern Michigan roots and buy a century-old farm.

AFR contributor Michelle Capobianco’s food roots are in Abruzzo and Sicily; on her blog, Majella Home Cooking, she writes about the emotional pull of both places.

Where there are roots, there are often vines. The July issue of Decanter, a magazine about wine published in the U.K., sings the praises of Virginia vintages.

And where there are roots there is also fruit. Right now, fresh apricots are in season. The good ones can be hard to fine but are well worth seeking out. Strawberry-apricot pie, anyone?

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