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Potluck: Pit beef, apricots & other tasty links

Do the words ‘beef barbecue’ conjure images of long-tended fires and meltingly tender slices and chunks of brisket? Not in Baltimore, where pit beef, like Charm City itself, is a little…different. In Nebraska, where grain-fed beef reigns, Prescott Frost, a great-grandson of poet Robert Frost, is on an uncommon quest to breed a better grass-fed …

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The little Berger cookie that could

  Ellen McKay had just enough time for a Berger cookie run before getting her son, Will, to his plane. He was headed back to college in California after a visit with family in Baltimore, Md. She got three extra boxes to freeze for a future care package. Will grew up in Connecticut, but his …

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Baltimore brothers remember coddies

  Full disclosure. Michael Levy, co-star of the coddie video, is my husband. I have been listening to him and his brother, Stevan, talk about coddies for several decades. It sounded too strange to be true, but I’ve found independent verification. On their way home from elementary school in downtown Baltimore in the 1960s, they …

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