Show us your Roots

We want YOU to tell your story.

AFR's mission is to find, preserve and celebrate our nation's diverse food cultures. We offer news, features, essays, recipes and most important, a vibrant, open community.

That's where you come in:

Each week in a feature called My American Roots we will spotlight 2-minute videos submitted by you!

Tell a short story about your favorite food, most memorable culinary experience or a cooking/eating technique grounded in, or transplanted to, the United States. For example:

  • Which family food tradition do you love or despise?

  • What do you crave that you can't find?

  • How exactly did your grandfather shuck clams and what did he drink while he was doing it?

  • Who were you with the first time you had pho/kimchi/apple pie/hot dogs?

Tell any story that illustrates something about the ingredients of the American melting pot.

Oh, and don't stress. Think of this as a home movie or a Facebook post. Got a smartphone? Flip cam? Fire it up and tell us your tale. Or let us listen in while you reminisce with a friend or argue with your Aunt Tilly.

And finally: Thank you. We can't wait to hear from you.

With great anticipation,
Bonny, Michele, Carol and Domenica

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