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Podcast tunes in to summer foods

As the season changes, Bonny Wolf and Peter Ogburn discuss the foods of summer. It starts with an ending, as strawberries bow out in some parts of the country. In other places, you may still have time  for strawberry ice cream floats. Still at the market are garlic scapes — a new “it” food. And, …

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Podcast: A culinary tour down the Mississippi

In the latest episode of the American Food Roots Podcast, editor Michele Kayal and producer Peter Ogburn take a virtual trip down the Mississippi River, with stops in St. Louis for toasted ravioli and a 200-year-old farmers market, then on to Restaurant Cotton in Louisiana . The starting point of the journey is “Mississippi Current Cookbook,” a …

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Podcast: Matzah, pizza rustica and coconut cake

In this week’s podcast, Domenica Marchetti and Peter Ogburn discuss symbolic foods of the season; namely, Passover matzah and Italian Easter pie (pizza rustica). Turns out there’s matzah and then there’s Vermatzah, small-batch, whole-grain artisan matzah from a bakery in Vermont. Pizza rustica, on the other hand, is about as far from matzah as you …

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Podcast: 3 food groups: pork, brisket, brownies

Bonny Wolf and Peter Ogburn recap the epic Cochon 555 event in Washington, D.C., on this week’s American Food Roots’ podcast. The big pig fest is one of 10 in the country, each featuring five chefs, with the king of pork to be crowned in Aspen, Colo., in June.  The podcast also features discussion of …

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Podcast: The flavors of stout, pig fests, invalid food, sure signs of spring

Bonny Wolf and Peter Ogburn discuss what we eat when you’re feeling under the weather — just as the weather begins to improve. The end of cold and flu season may put plain toast out of business for a while. And even though St. Patrick’s Day is behind us, there’s still plenty to say about …

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Podcast: Sandwiches, pastrami and aebleskivers

Guest Julie Gilkison’s story about the Springfield, Ill., horseshoe sandwich kicked off a chat among Bonny Wolf, Peter Ogburn and Gilkison about other states’ and cities’ iconic sandwiches. In previous posts, French chef and writer Jacques Pepin talked to AFR about his first sandwich experience in a My American Roots Video. Another video extols the virtues of …

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Podcast: Movie food, fish roe, frankfurters and red velvet cake

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Podcast: Eating bear, drinking prosecco

  Bonny Wolf and Peter Ogburn discuss bear meat, “gateway drinks” and what to do with all that snow.

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Learning to eat roast turkey: A Jewish refugee remembers

  These days in New York City’s Washington Heights, Dominican pastel de guayaba — guava cake — is far more common than German strudel. But in the late 1930s and early 1940s, the New York neighborhood became a refuge for German and Austrian Jews fleeing the Nazis. They brought with them strudel, spätzle (boiled dough bits), …

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The master butcher

Steve Gatward, a master butcher born in Cornwall, England,  runs Let’s Meat on the Avenue butcher shop in Alexandria, Va.

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