Profile Details


Karen Sievertson

My hometown

Detroit MI

Where I live now

Waterford MI

Roots: Tell us a little about yourself

I love to cook and make foods from scratch. I like to keep food traditions going as well as trying new things. I’ll attempt any recipe that looks delicious no matter how complicated.

I also love and support my local farmers’ market. I know each farmer and who grows the best produce. Nothing compares to Brian’s carrots for crispness and sweetness! Chucks apples are amazing. Julie’s flowers are beautiful and my list goes on.

What is your family’s culinary heritage?

Polish/Italian What good food

Best family recipe? Share it!

We have several, but the main thing is coming together to share our food.

Favorite childhood food memory

Making pierogi and sausage with my dad and sister. Bugging my mom on Thanksgiving morning to help make her dressing. She never wrote it down so I’m glad I know it by heart.

Favorite dish to share

Anything we’ve make from scratch, with love.

We are also working on making our own pastas to sell at the farmers market next season. Egg noodles, corzetti and more. I have a local woodworker making a custom stamp for me.