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Wayne Byram

My hometown

Hueytown, Alabama

Where I live now

Phoenix, Arizona

Roots: Tell us a little about yourself

I’ve been working as a chef for twelve years and I just love every aspect of the culinary arts. I’m sixty-five years old and just getting started. I love to create breads and pastries to fine desserts with a homemade flair or high end style. I’ll cook you a dinner for two or two hundred with love and respect from salads that are divine to main entrees that are one of a kind. WOW! ;D It’s all fun cooking foods from around the world and even from Alabama. Ya’ll come to see us when you can.

What is your family’s culinary heritage?

Very southern. My Dad was the culinary boss man and my Mother was the chef and I was the the guy that kept the garden clean of weeds and harvested properly to include the slaughter of chickens, quail, dove, rabbits, and anything else that caught my Dad’s eye for the nightly meal. Oh, even several goats for that one of a kind southern Fourth of July BBQ that Mister Tom (my Dad) would put on for all of the friends and family. What memories!

Best family recipe? Share it!

Not now maybe later.

Favorite childhood food memory

My Mothers huckleberry preserves. As a child I can remember eating her huckleberries preserves over hot buttermilk biscuits and hearing her say, “easy on the preserves Wayne” and my reply, “But Mama they are so-o-o good” She would give me a big smile and say “Now when you finish I want you to start pealing those pears ’cause we’re making pear preserves today”. Then I would say, “Yes mamma and can I have some more of the huckleberries?”


Favorite dish to share

That’s a hard one to answer.