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Peter Ogburn is a radio and television producer who loves food and cooking for his family. Originally from South Carolina, he has a soft spot for a good biscuit, pork products and his mama. He will go to great lengths to find out why we eat the things we eat. He also enjoys daring his two young sons to eat things they might otherwise find gross. He lives in suburban Maryland with his wife, boys and giant dog.

By Peter Ogburn

Reveillon: Christmas in New Orleans, of course, is a party

Being a (severely) backslidden Southern Baptist, the idea of a midnight mass is foreign to me. After all, nothing good happens after midnight, right? But a reveillon dinner might be enough for me to find religion again. Reveillon, a New Orleans tradition, began in the 1800s as a meal that was eaten in the wee …

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Seattle salmon battles Denver lamb in Super Bowl

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks both come from cities that boast bustling restaurant scenes. But it’s tough to identify one specific dish that represents each of the Super Bowl competitors. Regionally themed Super Bowl party food, therefore, may prove challenging. Seattle has a lot of seafood, but what single dish best represents the city? …

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Rodney Scott’s barbecue: real smoke, real slow

“I’m going to be real nice this morning,” says pitmaster Rodney Scott. He’s fiddling with his iPod trying to find the perfect song for cooking whole hog barbecue in the early morning hours. Being “nice” means asking folks around him if they have any musical requests. He settles on “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” and …

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Succotash offers summer on a plate

No vegetable speaks to its seasonality better than summer corn. In my house, you’d think it was a contest to see who can eat the most before it goes out of season. In the global world, you can get corn year-round, and while you could eat corn in the dead of winter, you’ll probably go …

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Going home with the Lee Brothers

I finally realize how foolish I was to want to move away from my hometown of Charleston, S.C. I grew up surrounded by water, beaches, great weather and one of the finest cuisines in the world. The fresh seafood bounty and ideal growing climate provide endless memorable meals. When I reached a certain age, though, …

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A crawfish boil: sucking heads, pinching tails

When my oldest son celebrated his eighth birthday, we let him choose the restaurant for a special dinner. After days of consideration, he asked that we take him somewhere that served a classic crawfish boil. My heart swelled with pride that he was forgoing the pizza and burgers typically craved by 8-year-olds. His choice was …

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Cioppino, pit beef square off at Super Bowl dinner

In each calendar year, I give myself a few days to eat with wanton disregard for my personal health. Thanksgiving is one of those days. The day we take the kids to the state fair is another. But, my favorite day of pure gluttony is Super Bowl Sunday. In what has become a tradition in …

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Oysters mean a party in South Carolina

To understand the South Carolina oyster roast, you must first understand the oysters in South Carolina. South Carolinians don’t walk into a restaurant, order oysters and envision briny jewels nestled in their shells fanned out on a bed of ice. In South Carolina, the oysters aren’t quite as pretty to look at. They typically come …

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