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Elliott’s interest in food, cooking, eating, reading and thinking about it incessantly became an obsession. What she consumed was consuming her, so, in 2008, without even really knowing what one was, she started a blog. Over the years she has written about restaurants, food trucks, chefs, seasons, ingredients, trends and recipes. Almost always the words become stories that weave through the years of her life and the family, friends, characters and places without whom there would be no stories.

By Elliott Shaffner

Culinary Postcard: Texas Barbecue and Asian street food

We arrived at our next stop after a long day on the road. We had driven all day and only been in one state – so you know we were in Texas. Having never been to Texas before, I was sure of only one thing: There would be barbecue. Now, I’m from the East Coast …

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Culinary Postcard: Green chilies, posole in New Mexico

Greetings from New Mexico. We rolled into Albuquerque right at sunset – magnificent — and just in time for dinner. The locals eat what to me was a mysterious dish called green chile stew. Not so mysterious in a state where red and green chiles are at the center of local cuisine. We learned that …

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Culinary Postcard: L.A. to Arizona’s crusty bread and Navajo tacos

Armed with her grandmother’s cast-iron skillet and a jar of bacon grease, Elliott Shaffner and her boyfriend Fred Turko tossed Eduardo (a feisty 10-year-old chihuahua) and Byron (a 13-year-old beagly mix) into their 10-year-old Toyota and struck out for Richmond, Va., where family – and the food Elliott grew up with – await. Over the …

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