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Casey Brand is a writer, artist and aspiring chef from Savannah, Ga. She is currently a senior at American University, where she studies print journalism, studio art and French. In March 2015 she will attend Le Cordon Bleu Paris on a scholarship from the James Beard Foundation. In her free time, Casey enjoys drawing, cooking and reading food publications such as American Food Roots.

By Casey Brand

A nut as American as pecan pie

April might be National Pecan Month, but the nut is most coveted during the winter holiday season, when pecans add crunch to savory side dishes and fill pie crusts across America. Pecans are a natural for Thanksgiving dinner since they are the only major tree nuts indigenous to North America. Native Americans have eaten wild …

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Dutch crunch is San Francisco’s other bread

When I say “San Francisco’s signature bread,” what comes to mind? Sourdough, of course, but there’s another correct answer: Dutch crunch. Tourists might seek out San Francisco’s sourdough, but Dutch crunch is the San Francisco Bay Area’s other beloved bread. Unlike sourdough, Dutch crunch is not a particular type of bread. Rather, the name refers …

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Both Ga. and Va. celebrate Brunswick stew as their own

It’s Brunswick stew season, and where you celebrate says a lot about who you are. Or, at least, where you’re from. Juicy, sweet and bursting with vegetables, Brunswick stew was a fixture of my Georgia childhood. Long road trips to Florida often meant stopping at The Georgia Pig, a roadside barbecue shack in Brunswick, the …

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Chop Talk: Patti Jackson interprets Mid-Atlantic cuisine

At a small restaurant in Williamsburg, chef Patti Jackson is showcasing foods from an often underrepresented area of the country: the Mid-Atlantic. Jackson offers food “from Baltimore to Buffalo” at Delaware and Hudson, and she’s serving more than just crab cakes and pretzels – although she does offer versions of both classics. Since the restaurant opened in …

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