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Culinary Postcard: The strange power of Nashville hot chicken

Every few months, someone we know goes somewhere near Nashville and is lured into town by the siren song of hot chicken.  Cara Walsh and Dylan Byers, whose cross-country dining tour we’re chronicling, are now among the enchanted. Their temple of choice was Hattie B’s, a relative newcomer to the hot chicken scene. Hot chicken got …

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Culinary Postcard: Nashville hot chicken, local burger

Nashville is quite the culinary darling right now, so we had a long list of restaurants. In addition to all the new, shiny, so-hip-and-so-cool spots, we made a visit to Fido, my friend Chris’ brother-in-law’s restaurant. In 1993, before local, sustainable, organic, farm to table was so common, Fido was launched as a wholesale organic, …

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Dinnertime in America: kale and pasta in Tennessee

Our Dinnertime in America series features snapshots of families across the country and what they put on their tables. Offered in partnership with The Six O’Clock Scramble’s Family Dinner Challenge, stories will run Wednesdays and Fridays through September. Twitter #DinnertimeInAmerica, Pinterest: Dinnertime in America Nashville, Tenn., is known for the Grand Ole Opry and the …

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Nashville hot chicken sears palate, memory

Nashville is a city of note not just for its music but also for its fried chicken. Hot fried chicken, with the emphasis on hot. Peppery hot. Searingly, memorably hot. The Southern specialty really took wing in 1930s Nashville, when Thornton Prince and his brothers opened the BBQ Chicken Shack. Legend has it that Thornton’s …

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The Weekly List: State food trivia

  Lots of people know that Pennsylvania is famous for pretzels and who doesn’t associate New York with bagels? But where did pancake mix come from? What about Moon Pies? And which states might challenge each other to a whoopie pie smackdown? A little culinary excavation reveals state secrets. Arizona The first barrel of tequila …

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