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Each with its own culinary tradition

South Carolina

Chef Sean Brock shares his Southern “Heritage”

I get somewhere between three and eight cookbooks every day. Most of them, I glance at and put aside, waiting for a story that they might fit. Truth be told, many are the same, offering smoky covers full of airbrushed ingredients or screaming about the five ingredients that I Must Cook With Now. But today, …

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Podcast: Matzah, pizza rustica and coconut cake

In this week’s podcast, Domenica Marchetti and Peter Ogburn discuss symbolic foods of the season; namely, Passover matzah and Italian Easter pie (pizza rustica). Turns out there’s matzah and then there’s Vermatzah, small-batch, whole-grain artisan matzah from a bakery in Vermont. Pizza rustica, on the other hand, is about as far from matzah as you …

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Rodney Scott’s barbecue: real smoke, real slow

“I’m going to be real nice this morning,” says pitmaster Rodney Scott. He’s fiddling with his iPod trying to find the perfect song for cooking whole hog barbecue in the early morning hours. Being “nice” means asking folks around him if they have any musical requests. He settles on “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” and …

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Going home with the Lee Brothers

I finally realize how foolish I was to want to move away from my hometown of Charleston, S.C. I grew up surrounded by water, beaches, great weather and one of the finest cuisines in the world. The fresh seafood bounty and ideal growing climate provide endless memorable meals. When I reached a certain age, though, …

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Oysters mean a party in South Carolina

To understand the South Carolina oyster roast, you must first understand the oysters in South Carolina. South Carolinians don’t walk into a restaurant, order oysters and envision briny jewels nestled in their shells fanned out on a bed of ice. In South Carolina, the oysters aren’t quite as pretty to look at. They typically come …

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