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Each with its own culinary tradition

Rhode Island

Slide Show: What I ate on my summer vacation

We take our work seriously. So, wherever we were this summer, we ate. A lot.  Bonny Wolf was in Maine. Carol Guensburg was all over the place — in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky and Texas. Michele Kayal went to Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire, and Domenica Marchetti did her eating in Michigan and Connecticut. …

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Rhode Island doughnuts take the cake

Paula Deen had nothing on Rhode Island. The recently deposed queen of fat and sugar may have preached the doughnut burger, but the Ocean State revels in its fried cake, like the giant doughnuts at Allie’s in North Kingstown. I spent much of my life indifferent to doughnuts (with the exception of sugar-glazed, microwaved for …

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Community Kitchen: Nana’s clams casino

On Sunday afternoons in the late 1970s, our whole clan—aunts, uncles, cousins, my parents, siblings and I—would gather for family dinner at my Nana’s restaurant in Johnston, R.I. We’d always be seated to the left of the hostess stand in the dining room, a large room with brick walls, where even at midday, the lighting was dim. …

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Little Rhode Island has big local food scene

Rhode Island is a few steps closer to its local food scene than other states. “Because we’re the smallest state, we have an advantage when it comes to getting great products from our farms,” says native Rhode Islander David Dadekian. “When we say local, we’re talking farms that are just 15 miles outside of Providence.” …

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