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Each with its own culinary tradition

New Jersey

Video: The life of the cranberry

There’s more to growing a cranberry than wading into the bog. As part of a video series called, “How Does it Grow,” Nicole Cotroneo Jolly walks you through the cranberry’s life cycle  in just over five minutes. She and her crew visit a New Jersey cranberry farm and show the native American fruit on dry land, in …

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Faith and Food: Cooking and worshipping together

Sharing a Shabbat meal On a warm Friday evening, the aromas of onions and meat waft through Barbara Meltz’s home in Stanhope, N.J., as she puts the final touches on her Shabbat dinner. Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, is celebrated every week from sundown on Friday to nightfall on Saturday. On Friday evenings in Jewish homes, …

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Bear meat sometimes a hard sell

Alyssa Haak grew up in Wisconsin and remembers the day her dad served bear meat. “Nope,” she said after one bite, pushing it aside. “Nope, I’m done.” Haak admits that she was a pasta-with-butter kind of picky eater, but just the same, her reaction to bear was not unusual. Today, even well-traveled palates such as …

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For some cranberry growers, a not-so-rosy Thanksgiving

As cranberries arrive at the holiday table, glowing like garnets, give thanks to the hands that sauced them – and those that cultivated them, too. Growers could use a hand themselves: An overabundance of berries is putting independent ones deeply in the red. Encouraged to expand their operations several years ago in anticipation of broader …

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Kitchen Sink: 100 years of Mallomania

Mallomars are cookies that know enough to come in from the cold. Well, that’s the story,  anyway. Since the first Mallomar was sold 100 years ago in Hoboken, N.J., the s’more-like cookie with a graham-cracker bottom topped with marshmallow and covered in dark chocolate, has been seasonal. That’s right — a seasonal packaged cookie. In …

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A hunter and his dog work a field, trying to flush game birds.

Bagging your game in the field or at retail

  You can hunt for game in the wild or from retail sources. Its cost varies widely, depending on whether the game is wild or farm-raised. Hunting for your meat? Factor in the cost of annual licenses and stamps, guns or bows, other accoutrements and travel — or visiting a private game farm — and …

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The Weekly List: State food trivia

  Lots of people know that Pennsylvania is famous for pretzels and who doesn’t associate New York with bagels? But where did pancake mix come from? What about Moon Pies? And which states might challenge each other to a whoopie pie smackdown? A little culinary excavation reveals state secrets. Arizona The first barrel of tequila …

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N.J. restaurateur champions Latin American cooking

While “Gran Cocina Latina” celebrates great Latin cooking in countries throughout this hemisphere, the cookbook’s inclusive vision “is very American,” author Maricel E. Presilla says. “The fact is, we live in a country that’s actually Latin American, too. This book couldn’t have been written anywhere else,” Presilla explains. “The Latin American presence – you’re not …

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