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Each with its own culinary tradition


Hot tamales get a taste of Southern Hops’pitality

With its lush greenery, muddy riverbanks and thick, honeyed accents, Mississippi is often considered the southernmost of the Southern states — the deepest of the deep south, a place more muscadine and moonshine than craft beer. But Mississippi is home to one of the country’s best craft breweries — and one of America’s only female-owned …

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Diwali shines light on marriage made of cornmeal and cardamom

Since our daughter was born 9 months back, my husband and I have set about introducing her to a year of firsts: Her first Easter basket, first road trip, first Fourth of July fireworks show. Tonight, we will celebrate her first Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, together with my mother-in-law who is visiting from India …

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Fried catfish gatherings tighten Miss. family ties

For decades, generations of my family gathered over plates piled high with freshly fried, farm-raised fare at catfish houses scattered across northeast Mississippi to make good on a promise made to my Granny’s daddy. Before he died, he asked his children that no matter how many miles separated all of them, they would never grow …

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Eating your way down America’s River

When you say “Mississippi River,” most people don’t immediately think “Lake Itasca, Minnesota.” But the northern glacial lake is the river’s source. And its course through northern states has a food story much different from the one more commonly told toward its southern terminus. In her new book, “Mississippi Current Cookbook,” restaurateur Regina Charboneau traces “a …

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Fast food in slower times

When Bill Ferris was growing up in Vicksburg, Miss., the phrase “golden arches” had no meaning. Going out for a hamburger at a local restaurant after church was a sit-down, family affair. Going out at all was uncommon. “I cannot remember any families who ate out when we were children,” he says. “There were very …

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