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Each with its own culinary tradition


Mass. appeal: Mystic Brewery’s Saison Renaud and beer-battered fish

The people of Massachusetts have been brewing for centuries, since shortly after English pilgrims docked the Mayflower on Cape Cod in 1620 because they’d begun running out of beer. That libation was preferable to the brackish and potentially hazardous water aboard ship, as our friends at Serious Eats explain. The Bay State has long been synonymous …

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For some cranberry growers, a not-so-rosy Thanksgiving

As cranberries arrive at the holiday table, glowing like garnets, give thanks to the hands that sauced them – and those that cultivated them, too. Growers could use a hand themselves: An overabundance of berries is putting independent ones deeply in the red. Encouraged to expand their operations several years ago in anticipation of broader …

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Cranberry, a native fruit, makes a splash

Cranberries are among the three fruits exclusively indigenous to America, along with blueberries and some grape varieties. Native people used cranberries for food, medicine and coloring. “Long before the Pilgrims arrived, the Massachuset Indians combined crushed cranberries with dried deer meat and melted fat to make pemmican,” Hilde Gabriel Lee wrote in “Taste of the …

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Celebrate November with Indian pudding

National Indian Pudding Day came and went earlier this month, but all of November is Native American Heritage month. What better way to celebrate than by making Indian pudding? Chances are if you grew up anywhere but Boston, you’ve never heard of Indian pudding. But the custardy mash of cornmeal, milk, molasses and spices sustained …

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Found recipes: Boston brown bread

Some 50 years ago, my grandmother used to make me Boston brown bread, which she baked in empty tin cans. It was a dark bread with dates or raisins. I would love to find a recipe for this. Can you help? – Lynn Nowak “Brown bread is as old as our country,” James Beard wrote …

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