Pre-Order Food In The Civil War Era

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Each with its own culinary tradition


The Kitchen Sink: Coddies redux

On Jan. 1, we posted a video, recipe and short story about Baltimore coddies. In the 10 months since, we’ve gotten about one comment a week on the deep-fried balls of codfish and potato that were sold in every corner store in Baltimore through the 1960s. They were served between two saltine crackers with a dab …

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Stalking the wild persimmon

I was walking through the woods on Maryland’s Eastern Shore when I stepped on something squishy and slippery. The bottom of my shoe was covered in orange pulp and the ground was littered with what looked like tiny apricots. They were persimmons – native American Diospyros virginiana – now my favorite wild fruit. The little …

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Cioppino, pit beef square off at Super Bowl dinner

In each calendar year, I give myself a few days to eat with wanton disregard for my personal health. Thanksgiving is one of those days. The day we take the kids to the state fair is another. But, my favorite day of pure gluttony is Super Bowl Sunday. In what has become a tradition in …

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The little Berger cookie that could

  Ellen McKay had just enough time for a Berger cookie run before getting her son, Will, to his plane. He was headed back to college in California after a visit with family in Baltimore, Md. She got three extra boxes to freeze for a future care package. Will grew up in Connecticut, but his …

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Baltimore brothers remember coddies

  Full disclosure. Michael Levy, co-star of the coddie video, is my husband. I have been listening to him and his brother, Stevan, talk about coddies for several decades. It sounded too strange to be true, but I’ve found independent verification. On their way home from elementary school in downtown Baltimore in the 1960s, they …

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