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Each with its own culinary tradition


Allagash pairs Belgian brews with Maine lobster

Who plans a visit to Maine in late November, a time when temperatures drop to Planet Hoth levels and tourist hot spots lay barren and empty, dreaming of the warmer months? What kind of sadistic maniac plans a weekend getaway to the coldest corner of New England? Me, that’s who. I went for beer. For …

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Slide Show: What I ate on my summer vacation

We take our work seriously. So, wherever we were this summer, we ate. A lot.  Bonny Wolf was in Maine. Carol Guensburg was all over the place — in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky and Texas. Michele Kayal went to Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire, and Domenica Marchetti did her eating in Michigan and Connecticut. …

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Postcard from Maine: blueberries

Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk. To anyone who’s ever been a child, those are the sounds of Sal and her mother gathering blueberries in a bucket to can for the winter. Since I grew up in the Midwest, this was the closest I ever came to wild blueberries. Until now. I am in the blueberry barrens Downeast, …

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Postcard from New England

I spent 4th of July weekend on the beautiful rocky coast of southern Maine. I went to York to teach at Stonewall Kitchen, and since I like road trips, I grabbed the first three people I could find, which happened to be my family, and brought them with me. It was my first visit to …

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Potluck: Lobster or chicken in every pot?

Lobster ranks as an extravagance, unless you’re lucky enough to visit a seafood shack along Maine’s rocky shore. But the crustacean once was so plentiful and cheap in America that it was called “the cockroach of the ocean,” Daniel Luzer writes in Pacific Standard’s “How Lobster Got Fancy.” In colonial Massachusetts, lobster reportedly washed up …

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The Weekly List: State food trivia

  Lots of people know that Pennsylvania is famous for pretzels and who doesn’t associate New York with bagels? But where did pancake mix come from? What about Moon Pies? And which states might challenge each other to a whoopie pie smackdown? A little culinary excavation reveals state secrets. Arizona The first barrel of tequila …

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