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Each with its own culinary tradition


A nut as American as pecan pie

April might be National Pecan Month, but the nut is most coveted during the winter holiday season, when pecans add crunch to savory side dishes and fill pie crusts across America. Pecans are a natural for Thanksgiving dinner since they are the only major tree nuts indigenous to North America. Native Americans have eaten wild …

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Sorghum farmers become accidental artisans

On a recent Saturday morning, Danny Ray Townsend stood stirring a pan of sorghum over a hot hickory wood fire. The breeze came only now and then, wafting through the shed and carrying the syrup’s grassy scent to the crowds gathered around the mule-powered mill. “We’ve got little spoons and we give a hot sampling …

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Both Ga. and Va. celebrate Brunswick stew as their own

It’s Brunswick stew season, and where you celebrate says a lot about who you are. Or, at least, where you’re from. Juicy, sweet and bursting with vegetables, Brunswick stew was a fixture of my Georgia childhood. Long road trips to Florida often meant stopping at The Georgia Pig, a roadside barbecue shack in Brunswick, the …

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50 States of Beer: Georgia’s Terrapin and barbecue have good karma

Not long ago, Georgia was in the news for snowstorms, icy roads and traffic frozen in place for miles. It’s a stark contrast to my warm memories of hot, buggy Georgia nights, involving friendly bars and indulgent, belly-pleasing barbecue. While I’ve traveled through Georgia several times, my best memories were made in Athens, about 70 miles …

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Hugh Acheson talks kimchi collards and Southern stories

Hugh Acheson is an evangelist for Southern cuisine. Not the chicken-and-biscuits type of Southern cuisine, but the Southern cuisine that folds in centuries of influence from slave kitchens to the region’s new Asian populations. Acheson’s Five & Ten was one of the first fine dining establishments in Athens, Ga., and the one that changed that …

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Who invented Brunswick stew?

“Brunswick stew,” humorist Roy Blount Jr. reportedly quipped, “is what happens when small mammals carrying ears of corn fall into barbecue pits.” The result is a long-cooked, one-pot spicy stew that is prepared in cast-iron cauldrons at volunteer fire department fundraisers, political rallies, church suppers and family reunions throughout the South. Recipes make servings for …

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