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50 States of Beer: Curry plays well with Florida’s Jai Alai IPA

When I want a spicy dish steeped in memories, and a drink to match, I make my grandmother’s chicken curry and reach for a Florida beer called Jai Alai. My mother’s parents – Momo and Popo to the grandkids – lived in Florida as far back as my memory extends. They’d met in Washington, D.C., …

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Kitchen Sink: Gulf fish straight from the water to the plate

Last night’s dinner special was a personalized catch of the day. My husband and a friend went out for six hours with a fishing guide off Pine Island, Fla., and came back with a whole mess of gulf fish — most of which they’d never caught before. They hooked small red fish, snappers and grouper …

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‘Key West Cook Book’ offers more than recipes

“It is morning – sunlight already brilliant on coral roadway and garden wall … an emerald lizard stalks his prey on the palm … The patio is still shady, so put a pale green cloth on the old iron table, and let me bring you some chilled papaya, your morning coffee Havana style if you …

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Florida celebrates 500 years of fusion cuisine

When Spain staked a claim on present-day Florida 500 years ago, it accelerated the fusion of Old and New World foods started by Columbus and affecting global food choices today. Spanish explorers brought supplies that included, among other things, cattle, pigs and citrus fruits, plus olive oil to protect their cheeses and spicy sausages from drying out. …

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Florida ‘space coast’ cuisine rooted in laid-back lifestyle

For someone who was always hungry, I never paused between mouthfuls of steamed shrimp and wedges of Indian River oranges long enough to consider the culinary heritage of the place of my youth. History, people and geography define regional food. What I saw around me on the east coast of Florida didn’t quite add up …

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