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Each with its own culinary tradition


50 States of Beer: Connecticut beer with a Pepe’s pizza

This next stop on my beer-soaked traipse through the United States brings me to a state I’ve come to know quite well: Connecticut. My parents moved to New Haven County in 1997, plucking me out of my sunny Houston suburb and tossing me onto Connecticut’s grey, blustery shores at the terribly angst-ridden age of 12. …

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Slide Show: What I ate on my summer vacation

We take our work seriously. So, wherever we were this summer, we ate. A lot.  Bonny Wolf was in Maine. Carol Guensburg was all over the place — in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky and Texas. Michele Kayal went to Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire, and Domenica Marchetti did her eating in Michigan and Connecticut. …

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Connecticut and the steamed cheeseburger

What did beef ever do to central Connecticut? If steamed cheeseburgers are the payback, it must have been something heinous. Central Connecticut, and especially the town of Meriden, is famous for cheeseburgers made in a steam cabinet. Yes, that’s right. They are deprived of fire and are cooked instead with hot droplets of water. Like …

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Postcard from New England

I spent 4th of July weekend on the beautiful rocky coast of southern Maine. I went to York to teach at Stonewall Kitchen, and since I like road trips, I grabbed the first three people I could find, which happened to be my family, and brought them with me. It was my first visit to …

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Having it their way: eating at Louis’ Lunch

It was the mid-‘90s. After parking my car on Crown Street in New Haven, Conn., I was nearing the red door of Louis’ Lunch when I found myself ambushed by a powerful mix of warmth, homesickness and hunger. It was disconcerting but not entirely unfamiliar. What was it that these feelings reminded me of? Oh, …

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The Weekly List: State food trivia

  Lots of people know that Pennsylvania is famous for pretzels and who doesn’t associate New York with bagels? But where did pancake mix come from? What about Moon Pies? And which states might challenge each other to a whoopie pie smackdown? A little culinary excavation reveals state secrets. Arizona The first barrel of tequila …

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