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Each with its own culinary tradition


Dutch crunch is San Francisco’s other bread

When I say “San Francisco’s signature bread,” what comes to mind? Sourdough, of course, but there’s another correct answer: Dutch crunch. Tourists might seek out San Francisco’s sourdough, but Dutch crunch is the San Francisco Bay Area’s other beloved bread. Unlike sourdough, Dutch crunch is not a particular type of bread. Rather, the name refers …

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Monterey Bay offers fish for the whole family

During a recent Skype session with my 3-year-old granddaughter who’d just moved to Carmel, Calif., I heard all about the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the amazing octopus with his great, big TENTACLES! When I visited recently, the aquarium and fish market were high on our “to do” list, so off my daughter and I headed …

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‘California burger’ means different things to different people

Badoi Phan, of San Jose, Calif., recounts a typical high school day: “I would walk to my car and wait for my usual gaggle of friends, and, once they arrived, we all headed out to the In-N-Out down the street,” says the 20-year-old college student. “Of course, it was a typical day in San Jose …

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The Kitchen Sink: Celebrating Dungeness crab

While much of the country shovels and shivers, they’re having a crab festival on the West Coast. November through February is Dungeness crab season in southern California. A 10-day celebration begins today in Mendocino County and features crab-themed dinners, crab fishing and wine tastings.  Mendocino County’s 15th annual Crab, Wine and Beer Festival culminates Jan. 25 …

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Vegetarian meals are nothing new

“The growth of Vegetarianism in the United States is gradual, but persistent,” begins a cookbook section of Thanksgiving recipes. No, not from Frances Moore Lappe’s “Diet for a Small Planet,” the 1971 book that marked the beginning of the serious vegetarian movement in the U.S. The author is Antoinette “Nettie” Harris, and the date is …

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50 States of Beer: California breweries, a side of fish tacos

Fritz Maytag liked Anchor Steam beer so much he bought the company to save it. In 1965, the 28-year-old heir to both the Maytag washing machine company and blue cheese farms rescued the brewery from imminent bankruptcy, and turned it into America’s first craft brewery. California breweries have remained active players in the movement ever since. …

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The Palace and the Green Goddess

San Francisco’s Palace Hotel first opened at the corner of Market and New Montgomery streets in 1875 and, with the capacity for more than 1,000 guests, it was the largest hotel in the West for many years. It quickly established a reputation as a culinary destination in a young city that was becoming renowned for …

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Cioppino, pit beef square off at Super Bowl dinner

In each calendar year, I give myself a few days to eat with wanton disregard for my personal health. Thanksgiving is one of those days. The day we take the kids to the state fair is another. But, my favorite day of pure gluttony is Super Bowl Sunday. In what has become a tradition in …

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